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Auto Focus - Projector 5G - Review

Auto Focus - Projector 5G WiFi Bluetooth with 100'' Screen - Goiaey 480 ANSI 18000L Native 1080P Portable Outdoor Movie Projector 4K Support, Auto 6D Keystone, Video Projector for iOS/Android/TV/PS5

9.8 / 10

Auto Focus - Projector 5G

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When it comes to experiencing movies and TV shows, it's not just about the content itself, but also how it's being viewed. This is where the Goiaey Auto Focus Projector comes in, providing a high-quality viewing experience that is both immersive and easy to set up.

The Goiaey Auto Focus Projector comes packed with features that make it stand out from the competition. For starters, its auto-focus technology ensures that images are clear and sharp, without having to spend time adjusting the focus manually. Using advanced SLR and AI camera technology, the auto-focus feature works seamlessly, freeing up your hands and ensuring that you can focus on enjoying the content.

The electric slide lens cap is another feature that stands out. This genius design helps protect the lens from dust and scratches, which improves the lifetime of the projector. It's little details like these that show how much consideration was put into the design of the Goiaey Auto Focus Projector.

The Goiaey Auto Focus Projector supports fast-speed and vivid videos thanks to its dual-band WiFi that supports speeds of up to 1Gbps. This ensures that videos are smooth and lag-free. It's important to note that due to copyright protection, Netflix, Amazon, and other copyrighted content cannot be mirrored or screencast. However, the projector can be connected to a TV Stick to watch these videos.

Another standout feature of the Goiaey Auto Focus Projector is its auto 6D keystone and 4P correction, 100%-50% zoom. With its built-in sensor and 6-way gyroscope, the projector can automatically recognize different angles and adjust the screen to a rectangle, even if it's moving. The 100%-50% zoom adapts to different screen sizes without affecting the image quality, making it perfect for watching content on the go.

The Goiaey Auto Focus Projector supports 16:9 and 4:3 projection, with a screen included that provides a more colorful image and protects your eyes. Its 480 Ansi lumen brightness LED Lamp and 12000:1 Contrast Ratio ensures a crystal clear widescreen imaging experience.

Lastly, the 5.1 bi-directional Bluetooth and HIFI speakers provide an immersive audio experience that enhances the overall viewing experience. The projector is compatible with a variety of inputs and devices, including smartphones, laptops, TV sticks, PS5, tablets, and TV boxes.

Overall, the Goiaey Auto Focus Projector is an excellent investment for anyone looking to enhance their viewing experience. It's packed with features that both simplify and improve the viewing experience, and its design shows the level of consideration and thought that went into it. With a 3-year warranty and friendly customer support, it's easy to see why it has such high ratings and positive reviews. The Goiaey Auto Focus Projector is more than just a portable outdoor movie projector, it's a well-rounded device that is perfect for anyone who loves their movies and TV shows.

Auto Focus - Projector 5G

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