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Amazon Basics Ergonomic Wireless PC Mouse - DPI adjustable - Black

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The Amazon Basics Ergonomic Wireless PC Mouse - DPI adjustable - Black is a compact, wireless mouse that has garnered a remarkable number of great reviews on Amazon, with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, based on the feedback of over 17,000 customers. In this review, we take a closer look at this popular product and evaluate its features, design, performance, and value for money.

Design and Features

The Amazon Basics ergonomic wireless PC mouse has a sleek and contemporary design, with a black color that looks elegant and professional. It measures 4.1 by 2.9 by 1.5 inches, which makes it relatively small and easy to carry around. The mouse has a great ergonomic shape that contours to your hand, and the rubberized sides ensure a comfortable grip even during extended periods of use.

What sets this mouse apart is its adjustable DPI (dots per inch) feature. This allows you to change the sensitivity of the mouse according to your preference, with options ranging from 600 to 3600 DPI. For those who require precision movement for graphic designing or gaming, higher DPI values will be ideal. For simpler tasks such as browsing the internet and office work, a lower DPI is suitable. The DPI button is located on the top of the mouse and is easily accessible while using it.

The mouse features an advanced optical sensor that works on most surfaces. This makes it easy to use without needing to have a mouse pad and makes it great for travelers on the go. The mouse wheel is made of metallic material and has a clicky tactile feel when scrolled. The back and forward thumb buttons are located on the sides of the mouse and are easy to reach. They provide efficient navigation when working on longer documents or browsing the internet.

Connectivity and Battery Life

The Amazon Basics ergonomic wireless PC mouse operates on a 2.4 GHz wireless connection that uses a small USB receiver that can be plugged into your computer without obstructing other ports. The connection has encryption security enabled to avoid any interference and to protect private information. The wireless connection is reliable and has a range of up to 33 feet. The mouse uses one AA battery that provides long battery life and eliminates the need for frequent battery replacement.


The mouse is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. It is effortless to install, and the driver is almost always automatically installed by the OS. The mouse is plug-and-play so that you won't need any additional software for it to work.


The Amazon Basics ergonomic wireless PC mouse offers impressive performance, with its advanced optical sensor and adjustable DPI settings. It's great for everyday use, such as browsing the internet, checking and editing documents, and graphic design. The cursor movement is accurate and responsive, and the mouse feels comfortable in-hand. The mouse button clicks are responsive, and the battery life is incredibly long-lasting. The only drawback is the lack of compatibility with Mac OS systems.

Value for Money

The Amazon Basics ergonomic wireless PC mouse is an excellent value for the price. At its current price point, it offers all the features that are expected from a wireless mouse, such as adjustable DPI, wireless connectivity, and navigation buttons. The build quality of the mouse is solid, and customers have praised its durability. The mouse also comes with a 1-year limited warranty from Amazon Basics, which is a great option for many users.


The Amazon Basics Ergonomic Wireless PC Mouse - DPI adjustable - Black is a compact and affordable wireless mouse that offers great features, superior performance, and solid design. The adjustable DPI settings are a great feature that ensures precision movement in various use cases. The back and forward buttons, along with the metallic scroll wheel, make navigation intuitive and effortless. Its long battery life and AES-128 encryption make it an excellent wireless mouse for daily use, and it offers good value for money. We highly recommend it to users in need of an economical but functional wireless mouse for their everyday computing needs.

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