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All-New Blink Outdoor Camera Housing - Review

All-New Blink Outdoor Camera Housing and Mounting Bracket, 3 Pack Protective Cover and 360 Degree Adjustable Mount with Blink Sync Module Outlet Mount for Blink Camera Security System (Black)

8.8 / 10

All-New Blink Outdoor Camera Housing

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As someone who has been using the Blink Outdoor Camera for a while now, I have been eagerly waiting for an accessory kit that can help protect my camera better and prolong its life. The new Blink Outdoor Camera Housing and Mounting Bracket kit has certainly exceeded my expectations. This kit is a must-have for anyone looking to secure their Blink Outdoor camera better.

Firstly, the kit is compatible with the Blink Outdoor Camera Home Security System and is not compatible with Blink XT or XT2 camera. The kit comes with three weatherproof housings, three Blink outdoor wall mounts, and an outlet mount for Blink Sync Module. The materials used are of high quality and are durable. The plastic material keeps the camera safe from any sudden attack from small animals, sun, rain, wind, or snow. The two-way audio or night vision of the camera was not affected by the use of the housing. This is a significant advantage as the main purpose of installing an outdoor camera is to have a round the clock surveillance system.

The Blink Module Outlet Mount is a great addition to the kit. It comes with a custom short cable that works with the original charging block. The outlet mount keeps your device close to the power source, making it look clean and tidy. This results in a neat and tidy home space without long cords hanging down.

One of my favorite features of the kit is the stable camera mount bracket. It provides a 360°rotating viewing angle without any blind spot left. It can be adjusted to any angle you want, providing a perfect view of the surroundings. The screw-fixing base ensures that the Blink camera is more stable both on the wall and ceiling, ensuring your household safety in an all-round way. This helps to keep your device safe from any potential damage caused by the wind or any other sudden moves.

The kit doesn't include a power plug, but this isn't an issue as it's easily sourced from any electronics shop.

As for the installation process, it was relatively easy to set up. All the parts were easy to assemble and fit perfectly. There was no need to drill or modify any of my walls. The instructions were straightforward, and all the parts came in one single pack. This made it much more convenient to deal with when doing the installation.

The only issue I encountered is that the Blink camera is a bit tricky to detach from the wall mount once you install it. However, it's not a serious issue as it ensures that the camera is stable and won't fall off the mount.

In summary, this accessory kit is a game-changer for Blink Outdoor Camera users. It keeps your camera safe from all sorts of potential damage and prolongs its working life. The high-quality materials used, the weatherproof housings, and the outlet mount make it a must-have for all Blink Outdoor Camera users. The stable camera mount bracket provides a 360-degree view without any blind spot, ensuring complete security. If you're looking to add an extra layer of security to your Blink Camera, look no further than this new Blink Outdoor Camera Housing and Mounting Bracket 3 pack. I highly recommend it.

All-New Blink Outdoor Camera Housing

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