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2023 Upgrade MOUNTDOG 18" Ring - Review

2023 Upgrade MOUNTDOG 18" Ring Light Kit 55W Bluetooth LED Ringlight Lighting with Tripod Stand Dimmable 3200K/5500K YouTube Circle Lighting Ringlights for Makeup Video Photography Blogging Portrait

8.4 / 10

2023 Upgrade MOUNTDOG 18" Ring

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As an aspiring blogger and vlogger, I'm always on the lookout for the best equipment to help me elevate my content. That's why I was excited to try out the 2023 Upgrade MOUNTDOG 18" Ring Light Kit.

At first glance, the kit seems impressive with a Bluetooth-enabled LED ring light, adjustable stand, and optional color filters. But does it deliver on performance and ease of use? Let's find out.


Upon receiving the package, I was happy to find that the entire kit is relatively easy to install. The legs of the stand are foldable, and the carrying bag accommodates everything, including the additional soft tube.

It took me roughly 10 minutes to set up the entire kit and adjust the angle of the ring light with the included tube. However, I must note that the stand's joints didn't feel very sturdy, but it held up well regardless.

Lighting Performance

The MOUNTDOG 18" Ring Light Kit boasts an impressive 3200K/5500K dimmable lighting range with 240 LED bulbs inside the ring. This means that you can adjust the color temperature according to your needs and preferences.

I appreciated that the kit came with two color filters, white and orange, to modify the color temperature to my style. The lighting was even and bright, which positively impacted the quality and clarity of my videos and photographs.

The dimmer was responsive, and the Bluetooth remote control included made controlling it easier. Setting my hands free for photo shooting helped me make some situation-based use of my cameras, which was a big plus for me.

Compatibility and Versatility

The MOUNTDOG Ring Light Kit is compatible with most DSLR cameras and smartphones, thanks to the included hot shoe adapter and a smartphone holder. This made shooting selfies and live streaming makeup routines easier, ensuring compatibility with my smartphone camera.

The 33-79 inch adjustable stand is also versatile, allowing me to adjust the light source height based on my requirements. It is also convenient to pack all the foldable accessories in the black carrying case, which comes with the kit.

Durability and Customer Service

One of the best features of the MOUNTDOG Ring Light Kit is the customer service and warranty. The 12-month warranty for quality issues is reassuring to potential buyers, and the brand follows through on this promise.

The kit feels sturdy overall, but the joints on the stand don't seem too strong. Regardless, the quality of the kit does justify its price tag in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

The MOUNTDOG Ring Light Kit is an impressive piece of equipment that delivers on its promise. From the brightness of the ring light to the adjustable stand, the kit makes it easy to shoot professional-looking photos and videos.

Although the stand's joints could be stronger, I still feel the kit is worth its price for its performance, versatility, and ease of use. If you're a blogger, vlogger, photographer, or makeup artist looking for an upgrade to your filming equipment, the MOUNTDOG Ring Light Kit is an excellent choice that I highly recommend.

2023 Upgrade MOUNTDOG 18" Ring

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