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19 inch LED Ring Light - Review

19 inch LED Ring Light LCD Display Touch Screen with Tripod Stand Dimmable Makeup Selfie Ring Light for Studio Portrait YouTube Vlog Video Shooting with Carrying Bag and Remote Controller, CRI>90

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19 inch LED Ring Light

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When it comes to video shooting, particularly studio portraits and vlogs, lighting is critical. It can affect the final output, mood, and aesthetics of the final video. This is where the EOTO LIGHT 19 inch LED Ring Light LCD Display Touch Screen with Tripod Stand comes in. This product is a perfect addition to any video creator’s arsenal, and in this article, we will review it comprehensively so that you can decide if it’s the right purchase for you.

First things first, it’s important to highlight some of the key specs of this product. The EOTO LIGHT 19 inch LED Ring Light comes with a touch screen panel and an LCD display. This feature provides convenience for the user since it’s easy to operate, and its luminance and color temperature index are displayed on the panel.

The size of this ring light is massive, measuring 19 inches, which is ample space to fit 3 phones, or 2 phones and a small camera. The LED SMD design emits great quality light, adjustable between 3000K to 6000K color temperature, and 10%-100% brightness. This makes it perfect for livestreams, vlogs, and selfies.

The tripod stand included with the EOTO LIGHT 19 inch LED Ring Light is sturdy and made of aluminum alloy, which stabilizes the ring light. In addition, the adjustable height ranges from 31.5 inches to 72.8 inches. The 3-leg stage design is solid and provides a locking system that keeps all gadgets safe.

To make it easier on the user, this ring light comes with a wireless Selfie Bluetooth controller, which is super user-friendly. This allows you to take photos or start a video without touching your phone screen. Simultaneously, the ring light is controlled via the IR remote controller, which can control the light at a distance of 2.5 meters away (98”).

Adding to the convenience of this product is the fact that it features 3 hot shoe ports for mounting up to three phones or two phones and a small camera simultaneously. Additionally, the ring light has two USB charging ports for those moments when you need to livestream, but your phone battery is running low.

With the purchase of the EOTO LIGHT 19 inch LED Ring Light, you will receive one ring light, one tripod stand, two adjustable phone holders, one tripod head, one phone/camera holder, one Bluetooth shutter, one IR remote control, one power cord, one carry bag, and one user manual. Most importantly, it comes with an 18-month warranty for refund or replacement, which shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

Overall, the product’s build, functionality, and versatility make it a top choice among similarly priced ring lights on the market. It provides a large size ring light that is easy to operate, durable, and comes with added features that make it stand out from its competitors.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a ring light for your video creation, and you want an affordable product that is high-quality, the EOTO LIGHT 19 inch LED Ring Light LCD Display Touch Screen with Tripod Stand is an excellent option to consider.

19 inch LED Ring Light

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