NOOK HD+ 9 32GB Tablet

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NOOK HD+ 9 32GB Tablet

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NOOK HD+ 9 32GB Tablet

The Lightest 9 Tablet in Its Class NOOK HD+ is ultra-portable and small enough to slip into your pursec backpackc or briefcase. Cant plug in No problem. Get up to 10 hours of use on a single charge. Weight: 18.2 oz (515 g)Movies & TV Shows in Stunning HD Buy or rent and start watching in seconds - on your NOOK or on your TVc smartphone or computer.The Best Tablet for Families Create up to 6 NOOK Profiles one for every member of the family.Bestselling Newspapers & Magazines Enjoy popular newspapers & magazines in spectacular HD delivered instantly to your NOOKc as soon as they hit the newsstands.Kids Storiesc Games & Learning Storytime is even more magical on NOOK

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I recently bought this for the second time. I purchased one years ago and really liked the size for reading. It was also very lighteight for its size. At that time there were very few other tablets this sizec now things are different. I returned the one I originally purchased because it was not good for much. Barnes and Noble had crippled it so that it could not be used for much more than an ereader and only with content purchased from them. Now there are a lot of 10 inch tablets aroundc but the specs on thjis are surprisingly good given its age. B N has also added the play store and opened it up to broader use. br brFor mec at this pointc that was not really necessary. I have several other tablets. I bought this to have one which is unencumbered. I am pretty fed up with apps that run in the background to pick up your info simultaneously ravaging your memory and processor. I wouldnt like them much even if they didnt do thatc so my work around is carrying several tablets. As a psychologist I can not have my appointments or contacts picked up and redistributed. For a long time I went back to using a date bookc but it is much easier to be able to pull the information you want up on a tabletc so I have one which never goes online on which I can store that information. On the one I carry day to dayc I never activated googlec have not installed apps from the play storec never gave them permission.. do not use any of their appsc to include the search enginec and unbelievablyc it complains every time I turn it on (that I need to register with google). I dont see why. It is not one of their subsidized tabletsc I have none of their software running..and I purchased this to get away from the spyware. br brAnywayc this sidesteps all of that. It has a nice displayc is a good size for readingc has good storage capacityc more than I need for readingc and was a great deal in the Amazon warehouse.. br brFor those who may not have spent the time I have looking at tabletsc this is a Samsung E tabc much like the S2 without the fingerprint reader and a slightly slower processor. If you are looking at Samsungs lower end tablets (the A and E lines) you might want to consider this instead. It is an E tablet but branded as a Nook. It bests the specs of the A at less than half the price. Its a great deal for what I paid in the Amazon warehouse. Myselfc I would not buy it (or the A or E tab) at full price. There are better tablets out there. Butc for the price this is pretty tough to beat. Price consideredc it also might be a good option for a child. It has a large displayc solid build andc a terrific price for the processing powerc display...(It is a large pane of glassc so if purchased for a childc a screen protector would be wise). brThe only thing to consider is age. Mine has been heating up when I have it on for an hour or morecso it may wind up going back.. but only if I think it is really failing. Its not easy finding a tablet this good at the price Amazon is currently selling these for.

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