Medical Grade All-in-One TouchScreen PC 2.2GHz 4MB - HD500GB

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Medical Grade All-in-One TouchScreen PC 2.2GHz 4MB - HD500GB

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Anti-bacterial plastic coating Dustproof and waterproof Alcohol and detergent-resistant High-performance Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 17 touch-screen for fastc easy data entry More

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Medical Grade All-in-One TouchScreen PC 2.2GHz 4MB - HD500GB

The Medical Grade All-in-One TouchScreen Personal Computerc designed for hospitals and healthcare facilitiesc features a unique antibacterial plastic coating designed to prevent the spread of germs and create a healthier clinical environment for both patients and health care workers. It is well suited for use in the ORc ERc cartc bedsidec or almost anywhere a quickc accurate access to patient data is needed. Being dust and waterproof (its IP65 certified)c it can be sprayed and wiped down without the risk of damaging the computer. As if thats not enoughc its also resistant against both alcohol and detergent. With these worries eliminatedc medical personnel can focus more of their attention on the important task of patient care. Complementing its external toughness is an industrial gradec high performance Intel Processorc which provides maximum durability and a virtual guarantee of 24/7 operation. For medical environments demanding hours of strenuous multitasking and information accessc this kind of performance edge is invaluable. Plusc its equipped with a low-noise fan and HDD anti-vibration mechanism for extra quiet operationc so patients will rest easier and staff will concentrate better. A convenientc intuitive touch-screen monitor allows for maximum efficiency. No need to manipulate a mouse to move a cursor around the computer screen - simply touch the desired function on the screen. All of the above features and functions are backed up by international standards agencies and organizations. The Medical Grade All-in-One Computer has earned the prestigious FCC Class Bc CEBc VCCIc EN60601 and UL60601 worldwide medical certificates. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a Special Orderc Non-Returnable Item. SPECIFICATIONS: Medical Grade All-in-One Panel PC with TouchScreen Integrated 10/100/1000MB Ethernet Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile Processor T7500 (2.2GHzc 4MBc 800MHz FSB) 4GB DDR2-800MHz SO-DIMMc 2 DIMM 500GB SATAc 2.5 5400RPM Microsoft Windows 7 Mini PCIc Internal ...

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