Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205

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Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205

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Plug-and-play connection with a single USB cord Lightweightc clip-on speaker attaches easily to laptop or netbook Dual drivers immerse you in rich stereo sound Travel-size (approx. 7 x 5.5 x 1.7) - complete with protective carrying case Clean look complements the style of multi-media notebooks

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Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205

With a lightweightc clip-on design that attaches securely to most laptops and netbooksc the Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205 is as portable as your computer—with better sound. Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205br Move around with pure digital sound Logitech Notebook Riser N110br Ergonomically designed riser elevates your display and allows you to use your favorite external keyboard and mouse. Logitech Notebook Cooling Pad N100br Improve airflow around your notebook. The slotted surfacec with virtually silent airflowc allows the USB-powered fan to distribute air quietly and evenly to help protect your from heat. Logitech Wireless Number Pad N305br Logitech Wireless Number Pad N305 gives you convenient number entry for notebooks. Up to three years of battery life and a wireless receiver you leave plugged in means its always ready. Logitech Notebook Kit MK 605br This notebook kit includes a wireless laser mousec a pivoting display riserc and a compact wireless keyboardc so you can use your notebook your way. Comes with a pre-paired Unifying receiverc connecting both the included mouse and keyboard.

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(SEE EDITS AT BOTTOM) brWeve been using this on our laptop for two weeks and really like the sound quality it produces. It clips right on to the top or side of the laptop monitor without any issues (unless we forget to take it off and try to close the laptop with it still attached). The sound is certainly loud enoughc especially if youll be sitting right in front of it. Weve watched several Netflix movies and it seems to do just fine. br brIt does take over the sound controls of your computerc and it seems like the interval jumps between volume settings is pretty big. Basicallyc you just have the options of Silent - Soft - Medium - Loud - Really Loud. But its not a big deal. It does what its meant to do. Our Dell Inspiron picked it right up when we attached the USB cablec and its nice to have the volume and power buttons on top of the speaker itself. br brCons: There is no protective case for this. Just a wimpy cloth sleeve to put it in. Virtually no protection offered to the speaker. Alsoc I dont really care for the way the USB cable connects to the back of the speaker. It gets bent very easily because it sticks out from the back at a 90-degree angle and Im afraid that will be the first thing to get damaged. br brA nicec strong little speaker that does its job well without too much fuss. br brEDIT: The thing just died on us tonightc after only two months of use. A short has developed in the cable at exactly the place I commented above in the Cons section. Ive submitted a request to Logitech about repair/replacement. We shall see what they come back with. br brEDIT #2: I have been in touch with Logitechc and found them to be quite helpful. They suggested a couple of tests to make sure the cable was in fact the problem. After thatc they sent me an email warranty verification form to fill out and return. I sent that inc and within 24 hours they responded that a new speaker and cable would arrive in 7-10 business days. Im pleased with the responsec and Logitech has kept me as a customer because of their good customer service.

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