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Google Nexus 7 Tablet (16 GB)

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7 inch 1280x800 HD display (216 ppi) Quad-core Tegra 3 processor 16 GB internal storage (actual formatted capacity will be less) Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)cMemory: Slots: Onboardc Installed: 1GB 4325 mAh battery (Up to 8 hours of active use) › See more product details

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Google Nexus 7 Tablet (16 GB)

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Words fail me on how much I love this tablet. I will say Im slightly Google-biasedc as Ive owned Android phones before they were cool (and since)c I use all their services (including Google+. Yesc there are people on there)c and Google sent me a FREE Chromebook to beta-test it a year or two ago. Soc yeahc Im a little biased... ) br brBUTc Ive waited to buy a tablet. Theres 2 iPads (both 3rd gen) in our housec and I do like themc theyre worth the $500. Howeverc its not fun to just play with it. You need apps. Thenc apps arent really fun unless you get the paid version. Thenc a $500 tablet becomes $50 dollars morec just to get some basic apps and games! Plusc its cumbersome and weightyc so if youre playing a gamec youll be sitting it in your lap within 5 minutes. br brThe Nexus 7 has NONE of those problems. br br1. Its $250. (Yesc I paid $275 for the one herec but Im a Prime member and I have a store card herec so it made sense to buy from Amazon). It is NOT worth that price. Its worth $400 easyc in qualityc lookc feelc and performance. br br2. The wallpapersc widgetsc etc. alone can entertain you when you first get it! I customize my screens and change them every week to keep me from getting bored of itc so I gladly welcome how amazing it looks! Jelly Bean is silky smooth and the UI just makes sensec especially compared to Gingerbreadc which my phone is stuck with... ( br br3. Apps. There is enough on the device to get you started (including a copy of Transformers 3. Not that Id pay for that particular title...)c and the Play Store has so many naturally free apps that can do almost ANYTHING! Yesc if you get free appsc there will be some with adsc like with iOS devicesc but at least you have a choice with almost every appc the prices for paid apps seem MUCH more reasonablec and Google gives you $25 credit just for buying a Nexus 7! $25! br br4. Size. This was the make-or-break for me. Im an avid reader. On the iPadc I fell in deepc deep love with iBooks. It was the PERFECTION of e-reader apps. Still isc in my opinion. I can get all my college books online in PDFc and I also have ePubs that I readc markc highlight in. Owning an Android phonec Ive shopped the appsc but nothing came close to the reading experience of iBooks on the iPads nice 10 screenc the 5+ highlighting colorsc and the shelves to keep my books organized. br brThat being saidc I had reservations in buying thisc as I doubted it could compete. br brEven w/o a good reader appc it won. A 7 screen for a guy like mec whos NEVER at homec was a much better match than I imagined! It LITERALLY fits in a jacket pocket. Now pantsc itll depend on what kindc but the thought is that I canc willc and have taken this with me everywhere! It fits in my glove compartmentc messenger bagc suit coatc jacketc you name it. With that alonec it beat the huge iPadc because now I was reading everywherec instead of just at home. To make things betterc I found an e-reader thats a very close 2nd to iBooksc Mantano reader (GET IT NOW!!)c so I dont miss the iPad at all! br brCons: Hmm. Wellc ummmm.... theresc no.... I got nothing. ) br brActuallyc I have a couple. br1. No HDMI port. That is a bummerc especially since Google is pushing their movie and TV selections so muchc youd think theyd give you a way to watch it on more than a 7 screen... br2. No 3G model... yet. ;D br3. Google Now needs some more work and features if its going to compete w/ Siri. Not that its badc just limited... br4. Not many accessoriesc but how many do you need for a tablet Phonesc sure. But who would honestly dock their cutting-board-sized tablet More case choices would be nicec though... br brBasicallyc Ive waited years to buy a tabletc waiting for a decentc GOOD Android tablet. Here it isc finally. Its waay cheaper than iPadc but not in quality AT ALL. Its running pure Android OSc unlike the Kindle Fires. Combining a quad-core processor with Jelly Bean means its a MUCH better experience than any other Android tablet (Im looking at youc Xoom)c even rivaling/beating() an iOS experience! br brBuy a Nexus 7 if you want a 7c $400 tablet for only $200 from Google. brBuy an iPad if you want a 10c $500 tablet from Apple. br brOther than thatc there is no difference or advantage. br brRate this if this review helped you in the slightest! (or even if you read it all... D)

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