Gigaware Travel Speakers

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Gigaware Travel Speakers

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Gigaware 4000379 USB Travel Speakers Full Range Drivers Richsound Two Speaker System Speakers Magnetically Attach To Each Other For Travel

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Gigaware Travel Speakers

Gigawares USB-powered Travel Speakers include 2 full-range drivers that make your listening experience the best it can be. Sporting a unique magnetic clampc the speakers become easily packable and take up as little room as possible for people on the go. Magnetically shieldedc USB powered satellite speakers Magnetic clamp-together travel design Removable plugs also serve as speaker stands Includes carrying bag

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These are the best computer speakers I have ever heard... brI bought 1 pair of speakers before & found the sound to be fantastic and you cant beat the pricec so I purchased another pair to give as a gift.

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