Galaxy One wt60 2 Easy Grip Car Mount Holder

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Galaxy One wt60 2 Easy Grip Car Mount Holder

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Real rubber mount make it softer Two step locking lever provides additional mounting support for multiple surface Super removable sticky gel pad sticks securely to most surfaces Latest unique design car holder

Extra Description

Galaxy One wt60 2 Easy Grip Car Mount Holder

The Galaxy One easy one touch 2 provides a safec versatile and highly functional smartphone mounting solution. Like its predecessorsc the one touch universalc the one touch XLc our new one touch 2 is packed with standard features like the galaxy one patented one-touch locking feature as well as the Galaxy One super sticky gel pad. The Galaxy One touch 2 also includes new features as well. It includes a new two-step locking lever which ensures your mount can be used on different surfaces. The first locking position can be used for flatc smooth surfacesc while the second locking position can be used on curvy textured surfaces that may require more grip. The one touch 2 also offers a telescopic arm which extends up to 2 additional inches to provide you with even more viewing options when using your mount. The one touch 2 also provides a new sliding bottom foot. Our redesigned bottom foot ensures that there is no interference with your devices bottom ports. To restore the gel pads stickinessc rinse with warm water and let air dry and it will return to its original stickiness. Even if your phone is protected by a skin or a casec the Galaxy One easy one touch 2 car mount grips securely onto your device so you can drive with confidence. Mount smart. Drive smarter.

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great gift for my father! mounting stable

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