Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Standard Zoom Lens

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Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Standard Zoom Lens

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24-70mm focal lengthc 38.4-112mm equivalent focal length on Canon APS-C cameras F2.8 constant maximum aperture; F22 minimumc Ring-type ultrasonic-type AF motor with full-time manual focusing 82mm filtersc Closest Focusing Distance: 0.38m/1.25 ft. Image Stabilization : No Purchase this product between May 1c 2016 and July 30c 2016 and get 13 months of free damage protection from Canon. The product must be registered within 30 days of the purchase date to be eligible.

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Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Standard Zoom Lens

Style: Lens Only Ring USMc high-speed CPUc and image ptimized AF algorithms for fast auto focusing. Optimized lens coatings for exceptional color balance and minimal ghostingc florine coating on front and rear lens surfaces to reduce smears and fingerprints. New optical design utilizes 1 Super UD lens element and 2 UD lens elements to minimize chromatic aberration in the outer area at wide- angle; as well as eliminates color blurring around the edges of the subjectc for images with high resolution and contrast. Combines 2 types of aspherical lenses to reduce spherical aberrationc and achieve high image quality across the entire screen area and throughout the full zoom range. Zoom lock lever locks the zoom position at the wide end for safe transporting

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Review originally written in April 2014c updated March 2017. br brThis is just an incredible lens thatc provided you can afford itc will deliver in spectacular fashion. br brMy first standard range zoom for full frame was the 24-105 f/4L IS. I found myself using it only when I absolutely had to. Generallyc the photographs taken with it lacked sharpnessc contrast and depth of color. For any situation that matteredc I ended up using primes - the 35Lc 35 f/2 ISc 135Lc or the 50/1.4. br brAll this changed when I rented this lens in December 2013 for a trip to Utah. Looking at the photographs after my tripc I was stunned by the sharpness and color rendition in the landscapes captured with this lens. I could not see any meaningful difference between the shots taken with this lens and those with the 135L or the 35 f/2 IS which I had also taken with me. Here at last was a standard range lens that offered the convenience of a zoom with little or no sacrifice in image quality compared to a prime. Very quicklyc my 24-105 and a couple other lenses went on sale to finance the purchase of this lens. br brSince my purchasec I have used this lens for portraitsc low light eventsc and landscapesc and it has never failed to deliver. Focusingc even at f/2.8 and in AI Servo mode is quickc accuratec and decisive. Stopped down when used for landscape photographyc it shows excellent corner to corner sharpness - for a recent projectc I shot identical photographs with this and the 35mm f/2 IS and could notc even at 100% magnificationc see any difference in sharpnessc colorc and contrast between the two. The lower weight compared to the old versionc new hood design and center pinch cap are all very nice features which add to the pleasure of using this lens. I continue to use the 35mm when I need the extra stop or IS - such as for hand held late evening street shots - or just some thing small and light; and of course nothing I have shot with can approach the pure magic of portraits taken with the 135L. The bulk of the time thoughc this and the 70-200 f/2.8L IS II are the lenses I reach for. Both are lenses thatc apart from maximum aperturec can mix it up with the best primes I have shot with. Both focus faster and more accurately than primes Ive used (but see addendum). br brIfc like mec you do not make money from photographyc it is rational to ask whether a lens like this is worth itc and I will offer this perspective. This lensc much like its equally accomplished big brotherc ranks among a select few that you can mount on your camera and walk into practically any situation with complete confidence that you will return with great pictures. If you love photography as I doc if getting the shot matters to youc that is worth the price of purchase. br brImage Notes: The first photograph is of the core and spiral arm of the Milky Way taken from the Paradise visitor center at Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington. The second one is a pre-dawn shot of Mt Rainier from Reflection Lakes and the third approaching Seattle on the Bainbridge Ferry. The last onec of a fall morning was taken with a 5D Mark IVc all others with a Mark III. The excellent corner to corner sharpness and vibrant natural colors make this lens a great choice for landscape photography. br brAddendum: The one lens in this range Ive used recently that does out resolve this is the new 35mm f/1.4L II. That wonderfully sharp lens resolves visibly more detail in the landscape photos Ive taken with my 5D Mark IV and focuses just as quickly and accurately as this zoom. If youre looking for absolute sharpnessc and can make do with a 35mm focal lengthc that is the lens to use. For mec this 24-70 is plenty sharpc particularly at its wide end where I use it a lotc and I value the versatility more than the increase in sharpness and two stop advantage the new 35mm has. For specific applications such as astrophotographyc this calculus will changec but for mec those needs are infrequent enough to where renting the 35mm when I need it makes more sense. Your needs could well lead you to a different choice. br brIf you have a question that I have not covered in the reviewc or if you notice something inaccurate in what Ive writtenc please leave a comment. I will try and answer to the best of my ability. If you found this or any other review published here helpfulc please take a moment to click Yes. This encourages us to continue to contribute and also goes towards making the overall rating of this lens more representative. Thank you for reading!

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