OTHAT 360°Ultra HD 4K Panoramic Camera Build in WI-FI With a Portable Power Supply Function of the Mini Tripod Supports Over 5 Hours Continuous Shooting -White

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OTHAT 360°Ultra HD 4K Panoramic Camera Build in WI-FI With a Portable Power Supply Function of the Mini Tripod Supports Over 5 Hours Continuous Shooting -White

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1. Finally available for purchase: The 360°4k camerac the one that captures life in all anglesc is finally available for purchase. The 16- megapixel sensor increases resolution to 4K 38402160 pixels. Support up to 64GB of memory. You can share video and photo to Facebook/YouTube at any time 2. 36022O degree wide angles: The 360° Ultra HD 4k Panoramic Camera captures things even the human can’t see because it’s constantly taking video in 360° degree horizontal by 220° degree vertical – which makes it the widest viewing camera in the world. You can carry itc or mount it to tripodsc helmetsc or a bunch of other mounts. 3. One lens captures: Unlike other 360° cameras and VR camerasc this 360° Ultra HD 4k Panoramic Camera does it all with one lensc requires no complicated software and has no image seaming or stitching that can interfere with the action. It is compatible with all mounts to start capturing and sharing all of life in incredibly rich detail with ease! 4.High-tech: This product is used with the large angle panoramic optics smart phone software APP / APK achieve panoramic camera recording and playback of motion. You can record up to 4K 38402160 24Pc27041536 30Pc1920x1080 60Pc19201440 30Pc1280720 120P high-resolution photographyc you can shoot 16-megapixel photosc using TF card as the storage devicec compactc energy-savingc easy to carryc and compared to conventional cameras. 5. Unique and incredible: Come With a portable power supply function of the mini tripod supports over 5 hours continuous shooting

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OTHAT 360°Ultra HD 4K Panoramic Camera Build in WI-FI With a Portable Power Supply Function of the Mini Tripod Supports Over 5 Hours Continuous Shooting -White

Description: brHardware Specification: Icatch6350M+ov4689+WIFI brDigital Signal Processor: Icatch6350M brSensor: OV4689 4MP brLENS: 6G 220360 Fno2.0 brMemory: 1Gb DDR3 brRead Only Memory: 64Mb ROM brPerspective: 220 360 degree 8G HD lens brCamera function: 16MP JPEG image camera resolution mode brVideo Resolution: 4K 38402160 24FPSc27041536 30FPSc1920x1080 60FPSc19201440 30FPSc1280720 120FPS brRecording File Format: Recording into MOV (H.264 compression) format video files brFile format camera: JPG format picture brStorage media: Micro SD / MMC (maximum support to 64GB SDHC))cCard must be above Class 10. brUSB Interface: USB2.0 (data can be read TF card via USB) brLED: 0.82 inch OLED display brPower: 450mA 3.7V brLithium battery: 600mAh+3000mAh(build in tripod) brRecording time: 45mins brHumidity: 15~85%RHbr Features: br1. Using 360220 degree ultra high definition optical lens br2. HD quality resolution with 4K 38402160 br3. The use of advanced photography compression technology br4. 0.82 OLED screen display. br5.Can choose a variety of accessoriesc to achieve a variety of scenarios to use. br6.The design of removable lithium battery. br7.The mini tripod is a power bank itselfc it is build in 3000 mAh batteryc and it is with USB port designc you can take charge for the camera when shooting. br Package Included: br1x OTHA 360 Camera br1x Mini power bank tripod (build in 3000 mAh battery) br1x USB Cable br1x User Manual

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The OTHAT Camera is a different kind of camera. I also took movies and pictures. The highest resolution is 4K 3840x2160 pixels for movies and 16MP for pictures. The lowest is 1280x720 120P. The pictures come out with a different look. It is panoramic. The movies also come this way. The pictures look so different. They look like they are in a tear drop or fish eye. If you stand in the middlec everything around you has cool panoramic effects. The cameras tripod also serves as power backup by providing 5 Hrs when connected by USB. The camera can be used to provide video for social media. There is an App that needs to be downloaded for iPad or cell. It provides different ways to record and what you record on the App. It has a great App. This is a fun camera to use and it provides a lot of quality movies and pics. If you are tired of the same old photos you takec then try something new with this camera. There are many cool ideas that can be created with this camera.

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