Max 2 2outlet Wall Mount (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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Max 2 2outlet Wall Mount (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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Protect or Disconnect circuitry shuts off the flow of electricity to your components Signal Perfect circuitry filters out RF noise and electromagnetic interference 2 AC power outletsc always on Clamping level: 330V Response time: less than 1 nanosecond

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Max 2 2outlet Wall Mount (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Handles surges up to 52000A with unlimited energy absorptionProtect or Disconnect circuitrySignal-perfect circuitryEMI/RFI line noise filtrationProtection working indicatorLifetime product warranty against defects$5000000 limited connected equipment protection warranty

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I have not had a power spike to test if the surge protection works but the form factor is very nice. I am using it in a closet and it eliminates the clutter of the corded type of surge protector. It is small and fits flush to the wallc eliminating a surge protector box on the floor. It only has two plug receptacles so basicallyc youre just adding surge protection to your existing outlet without increasing the number of outlet receptacles. This works great for my application.

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