K&M 10040 | Three Piece Folding Music Stand Black

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K&M 10040 | Three Piece Folding Music Stand Black

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Height: From 25.59 to 48.819 inches Material: Steel Special Features: music stand can be opened and folded in one simple movement Music Desk Dimensions: 16.732 x 8.465 inches Black

Extra Description

K&M 10040 | Three Piece Folding Music Stand Black

Solid height-adjustable music stand with a special music desk which can be opened up with a flick of a wrist and can be put back away just as easily. After the installationc the tube combination consisting of 3 parts is height adjustable between 25.59 and 48.819 inchc so the stand can be used in a seated and standing position. The angle of the music stand desk is adjustable. The music stand is collapsible for an easy transport.

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Is sturdy but folds up pretty small. I had to get a stand that could hold a solid folder of musicc yet fold up nicely at the end of everythingc and not cost a fortune. This is quality. Only reason no 5th star is that there is no case for it without a separate purchase. Otherwisec really great.

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