AGFA 72mm 0.43X Super Macro Wide Angle Lens APWAG72

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AGFA 72mm 0.43X Super Macro Wide Angle Lens APWAG72

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0.43X Macro 72mm High Definition

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AGFA 72mm 0.43X Super Macro Wide Angle Lens APWAG72

The AGFA 0.43X Super Wide Macro Lens is perfect for expanding your viewing angles. The professional high definition lens reduces glass flare & ghosting caused by reflections. When you need to get a wider viewc this is the lens for you. It works with most 72mm threaded lensesc or with smaller thread size lenses with optional adapter rings.

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First offc this is NOT a replacement for a dedicated wide-angle lens. Stack-on lenses inherently have some expected issuesc but I will cover this below. I am using this with a Canon EF 28-135mm USM lens with proper calibration (tack sharp focus). br brThe lower portion (labeled SUPER MACRO in the images) has a 72mm thread mountc and mounted alone (without the top section) it provides the .43X wide angle. With it mounted this way the focal length is only a few inches away from the lens with a very narrow depth of fieldc even dialed out to infinity. Absolutely perfect for miniature photographyc and works well even with the lens dialed out to 135mm. br brThe upper portion has a 67mm thread mountc and can only be attached to the macro portion. I attached it using a 72mm to 67mm step up ringc and found it so badly widens the focus out that it cannot be focused properly at all (DOF passes infinity). Mounted as a complete unitc the focal range is actually only around .6X (visual estimate)c but still has me getting under 20mm effective focal rangec which is what I was after for night sky photography. br brAs expectedc on whole unit shots images are softened noticeably for closer focusc but to strengthen as the focus lengthens to almost sharpc and this was expected (the stack-on lens known issue). For night skyc this is actually a good thing as it will generate a certain additional body to the stars and meteors I like to shoot. I would not recommend this for detail photography if you need that sharp focus. br brFor long shotsc if you need a wider view this is a good way to go if you dont have the $1000 plus that a good super-wide-angle lens will cost youc but remember the weakness and be prepared to account for it. I did not buy this for macro photography initiallyc but may be trying it out in detail in the future because it stunned me with how well it worked. br brA couple points added: br br1) The sun finally showed up todayc so I tried it out with direct light shining in off center. The coating works very well and minimizes flare pretty wellc and the cut of the glass works very well to prevent tube glare that can otherwise be caused by light bouncing off of the outer wall. Not as good as a mid-grade or pro lensc but superior to kit lenses. br br2) I am using APS-C type Canon camerasc and have seen vignetting as the lens crosses the 100mm markc that becomes strong at 135mm at perhaps a half stop to maybe a full stop in brightness. A full frame sensor (or 35mm) will see this more strongly due to the larger surface area. The dark corners are easily corrected by Photoshop or other software with vignette correction mechanismsc but if you are shooting in high ISO ranges it should be expected that color accuracy in the corners will be largely compromised in correcting the vignette. br brAnother point added: br br1) Confirming by image comparisonc this complete lens provides approximately a .8X magnification at the centerc which moves up to .43X at the far edges of the lens. APS-C sensors will only see up to .55X at the edges of the frame. I have loaded a picture which demonstrates the compression seen at the edges (though shot only with the SUPER MACRO portion).

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