Acer C720P 11.6-Inch HD Touchscreen Chromebook (4 GB DDR3L SDRAMc 16GB SSDc Dual-core 2955U Processorc Bluetoothc Intel HD Graphicsc Granite Gray)

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Acer C720P 11.6-Inch HD Touchscreen Chromebook (4 GB DDR3L SDRAMc 16GB SSDc Dual-core 2955U Processorc Bluetoothc Intel HD Graphicsc Granite Gray)

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Acer extends its industry leading Chromebook line by adding an intuitive 11.6 inch HD LED back-lit 10 point touch display to do more with Chrome appsc documentsc mediac gamesc musicc and more. The SSD drive delivers a snappierc more durablec coolerc quieter computing experience. Up to 7.5 hours of battery life and it starts in seconds. Extend your view to your big screen via the HDMI port. Tapc swipec and pinch your way through the world whether its running your favorite Google appc watching videosc playing gamesc exploring the Internetc or just getting work done. Enjoy the benefits of a Chromebook (fast boot timesc automatic updates and multiple layers of security) with high performance making interaction with the Chromebook natural and intuitive. Thinc Lightc and Powerfulc the Acer C720P measures only 0.78 inches thin and weighs only 2.98 pounds making it easy to take anywhere. Crisp resolution brings family closer during video chats. › See more product details

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Acer C720P 11.6-Inch HD Touchscreen Chromebook (4 GB DDR3L SDRAMc 16GB SSDc Dual-core 2955U Processorc Bluetoothc Intel HD Graphicsc Granite Gray)

100GB Google Drive Storage included at no charge for two years: Store and access your photosc musicc videosc documents and more from anywhere with Google Drive. It’s simplec and all your files are backed up automatically onlinec safely and securely. • The 10-point multi-touch display makes your digital life more intuitivec more electricc more fun! Experience efficiency hands-on as you run your favorite Google apps or browse through your photosc videosc music and documents from anywhere —using nothing but your fingers. • Powered by an Intel Celeron Processor 2955U based on the Intel Haswell micro-architecturec this Chromebook delivers fast performance to load content-rich webpages quickly and easilyc enjoy great HD video playback and multitask effortlessly • Feel safe sharing your C720P Chromebook with friendsc family and even the occasional guest. Each user has their own loginc filesc apps and settingsc so you never have to worry about anything getting messed up by someone else. • 11.6 HD Widescreen LED-backlit Display • Multi-touch screenc supporting 10-finger touch • Intel Celeron Processor 2955U (1.4GHzc 2MB L3 cache) • Haswell micro-architecture • Google Chrome Operating System • 16GB SSD Drive • 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM Memory • Intel HD Graphics with 128MB of dedicated system memory • Acer InviLink Nplify 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN • Bluetooth 4.0 • Built-in HD Webcam • Two built-in stereo speakers • 1- USB 3.0 Port • 1- USB 2.0 Port • 1- HDMI Port • Full-size Acer FineTip Keyboard • Multi-Gesture Touchpad • 3-Cell Li-Polymer Battery providing up to 7.5-hours Battery Life • Weight: 2.98 lbs. / 1.35 kg

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Just as a disclaimerc I got this less than 48 hours agoc so these are definitely first impressions. I will likely add edits at the bottom of this original review as I get to know the laptop better. Hopefully Ill also remember to add photos. br brI have the grey model with 4gb of ram and 16gb of storage. br brFirst offc my last laptop was a beastly gaming laptop. I sold that because I had stopped playing games so the only thing i did on my laptop anymore was watch youtubec which a chromebook is perfect for. This thing is extremely fast. booting up feels like it takes less time than the advertised 7 secondsc although I havent measured it. I havent seen this thing slow down oncec even when using linux (more about that later). br brThe touchscreen is amazing and pretty much required on chromebooks because all of the android apps are coming to chromec and they are optimized for touch. The keyboard usable. Pretty much what you would expect from a cheap laptop. The trackpad is goodc but not quite to the level of Apples touchpads (Im not talking about the force touch one on the new macbook). The only time I saw anything go slowly was when I was using a mouse. The mouse is wireless (It connects using a usb dongle) and every couple minutes it would freezec but a second or two later it would go back to normal. br brChrome OS is great. It cant do photoshop or video editingc but everything else is great. Making powerpointsc word documentsc surfing the webc netflixc and youtube are all easy to do. The Chrome app store has a respectable selectionc and this is going to grow immensely very soon because google is working on porting over all of the android apps onto chromebooks! Obviously this cant play super intensive pc gamesc but you should expect that from a $300 laptop whether it has chrome os or notc and the same goes for photoshop and video editing. br brIf youre a nerd like me then you might consider putting linux on this machine. I am currently using crouton to have xfce with ubuntu 14.04c and its amazing. Switching between the two OS is very fast with crouton and the machine doesnt slow down at all when both are loaded at the same time. I love having linux on here. It allows me to play minecraft and run Nintendo DS games. Even more important for me is the fact that I like to mess with my android phone by rooting it and installing custom romsc which often requires you to connect your phone to the computer and run an application that is more complicated than what chrome os can handle. Surprisinglyc linux didnt even take up that much space on my disk. Before installingc I think i had something like 8.8gb free and now i have 6.8gb. brHere is a guide to installing linux: br br brYou may be looking at that tiny 16gb hard drive and wondering how anyone could possibly live off that much. This notebook does come with 100gb of google drivec so most people will be satisfied with thatc but if you really want to upgrade the storagec you have two options. The first is not for the faint of heart but the second is an average joes solutionc which I would recommend. br1) You could use this guide to directly upgrade your ssd. Just a warningc this will void your warranty and it will cost morec but it will be much easier to use once all is said and done. br br2) You could buy a low profile flash drive off amazon wich will add lots of storage for cheap without getting in the way of anything. Remember that if you get a usb 3.0 drive rather than a 2.0c you should put the drive on the left side of your chromebook. I recomend this one on amazon. br br brThis thing is very thin and lightc but then againc anything would feel thin and light after using my 15 inch gaming notebook. One big downside is that the keyboard is not backlitc which would make it easier to type in the dark. Im a touch typer with a gwam of 80c but I struggle to touch anything that isnt a letterc shiftc or enterc so a backlit keyboard would be very helpful for late night browsing. I have found some stickers on amazon that you can put on all of the keys and they are supposed to reflect the light of the monitorc but a lot of the reviews are bad. I will post an update if I do get those. This is just nitpickingc but the hinge isnt weighted properlyc which means that in order to open the laptopc you have to grip both the screen and body rather than just lifting the screen. br brAs far as ports go this does pretty good. One usb 3.0 and one 2.0. I would appreciate one or two morec but chromebooks are made for people who only browse the webc so I wouldnt blame them if they only put one. The hdmi port is very usefull for me but every once in awhile it will stop sending signal to my external monitorc and Ill have to wiggle the cord. Im not sure if its the chromebooks fault or the monitorsc but i would guess its not due to the chromebook because the monitor is pretty old. I will post an update if I find out which device is causing the problem and if I find a solution. Unfortunately the SD cards poke out a lotc which was a huge bummer because I was planning on using an SD card as a permanent way to expand storage so that I wouldnt have to use one of the two usb ports. There is also a kensington lock and one 3.5mm headphone jack that Im guessing will also take input from a microphone. br brEDIT #1 br brOkay so Ive had this laptop for a bit over a week now and Im liking it. I havent exactly tested the battery lifec and while I dont think it meets that 7 hour mark that they advertisec that is probably because I like my screens at full brightness and I run linux alongside chrome os with croutonc which probably isnt exactly optimized for the best battery life. Speaking of linuxc I have it installed but Ive found that I havent needed to use it muchc if at all. I frequently open it and then forget about itc which probably uses up a lot of battery and ram. The only performance issue Ive found while using linux is that when linux is running and Im watching a youtube video on chrome osc the video tends to stutter a lot. This also could be because of my internetc but Id be willing to bet its the computer not being able to handle both at the same time (More information will come in my next edit) . But casual web browsing while linux is open is just fine. Alsoc I found that if you install linux right after a clean wipec you still have 7gb of storage left. Keep in mind that I installed xfce and ubuntu 14.04c so if you install different distros and desktop environments your mileage may vary. br brI recently discovered that you can run gameboy games on a chromebook so of course I started downloading a ton of pokemon rom files. Im glad I got a low profile usb drive to expand my storage because linux and all those rom files probably wouldnt fit on the tiny 16gb of storage this thing has. Luckily my 64gb flash drive has plenty of space. Unfortunately that flash drive isnt as low lying as I thought (the one I linked above sticks out about half the length of my thumb fingernailc which Im guessing is a bit over half a centimeter (Im too lazy to go find a ruler). If you are going to use a low profile usb to expand your storage then I recommend taping it to the chromebook because that prevents it from being removed. Of coursec that will only be useful if you dont plan to remove it. br brUnfortunately the keyboard is not backlit which means it is next to impossile to read in the dark. I think earlier in this review I mentioned some keyboard stickers that are supposed to glow in the dark but I found a somewhat better solution. In the settings I enabled the on screen keyboard. Its not nearly as fast as normal typing but it makes typing in the dark much easier. This is somewhat annoying in the daytime when I can see the normal keyboard just fine because it takes up about a third of the screenc but if you need to see the entire screen then theres a button on the bottom right that temporarily removes it. br brI may be a bit biased since Im coming from a beastly gaming laptopc but this thing doesnt get ho. I can have it in my lap without even noticing any heat and the only place that gets remotely warm is the area between the keyboard and the screenc but you never touch that and its barely warm. In a quiet room you can hear the fans but if theres any little bit of noise around you whatsoeverc whether it be from the laptop or something elsec then you cant hear it. br brEDIT #28 br brThis thing is great. I have linux installed but I never seem to use itc which shows that not everybody needs a full desktop operating system like windows or linux. br brBravo to you if you read this entire thing. Can you tell that I use this to seem like Im writing an essay for school just to get out of things I dont want to do ;P

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