8 Port 100FX Singlemode Fiber Managed Switch

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8 Port 100FX Singlemode Fiber Managed Switch

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8 FX ports (100Mbps/Full Duplex) in a small 9 housing Port 8 could be set to a TX port by a push button Supports out-band console and in-band SNMP/HTTP/Telnet management interface Prevents packet loss with back pressure and IEEE 802.3x flow control functions 4 priority queues are supported on each port for QoS application

Extra Description

8 Port 100FX Singlemode Fiber Managed Switch

This switch provides single mode fiber optic communication while eliminating collision domainsc unlike network hubs. This switch offers 8 ports that connect to individual devices. With the use of this simplec yet sleek devicec implementation of this switch will increase productivity as well as efficiency in your network.

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