53 x 12yds Background Paper (#71 Deep Yellow)

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53 x 12yds Background Paper (#71 Deep Yellow)

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For Creating Smoothc Even Backgrounds Fine-Toothc Non-Reflective Surface Basis Weight: 100 lb / 145 gsm Thickness: 7.6 mil Recyclable

Extra Description

53 x 12yds Background Paper (#71 Deep Yellow)

brSavage Widetone Seamless Background Paper has been the Professional Photographers choice for over fifty-five years. Widetone is a high qualityc fine tooth non-reflecting surface. Compatible with a variety of mediums.Widetone is ideal for photo backgroundc display bannersc drafting and decorations. The roll is core wound and comes wrapped in a plastic sleeve.brbrbrPlease Note: Although every effort was made to ensure accurate color reproductionc some variation may occur based on your monitor profile and calibration. brbrFor accurate color reproductionc request a Savage Seamless Background paper color swatch chart from Savage. Visit their website at http://www.savagepaper.com.

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This paper makes for really fun backdrops! Ive loved all of my photos so far!

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