2Y68186 - Koss Quiet Zone QZ5 Headphone

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2Y68186 - Koss Quiet Zone QZ5 Headphone

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Earpiece_Design - Over-the-head Earpiece_Type - Binaural Minimum_Frequency_Response - 40 Hz Maximum_Frequency_Response - 20 kHz Connectivity_Technology - Wired

Extra Description

2Y68186 - Koss Quiet Zone QZ5 Headphone

The Koss QZ5 stereophone is an extra-durable stereophone that delivers amazing passive noise reduction. The QZ5 was initially designed for use with racing radio scanners and metal detectors usersc and provides a behind-the-head headband design. Since thenc the QZ5 has become a favorite for a wide range of listeners who need to cut high levels of ambient noise and do not want the constraints of a conventional headband. Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor or indoor usec the QZ5 features both a 3.5 mm and 6.4 mm plug and will connect to most radios and scanners.

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