2XL Shakedown Headphone with Full Suspension X5SHFZ-819 (White)

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2XL Shakedown Headphone with Full Suspension X5SHFZ-819 (White)

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Driver Diameter: 30 mm Plug Type: 3.5 mm gold plated Max. Input Power: 100 mW Impedance: 32 ohms Frequency Range: 20-20c000 Hz

Extra Description

2XL Shakedown Headphone with Full Suspension X5SHFZ-819 (White)

Color: White  |  Product Packaging: Standard Packaging 2XL is a lifestyle audio brand dedicated to helping others excel in everything they doc delivering products with meaningful performance and individual style to help stimulate aspirations and dreams. 2XLc a Skullcandy divisionc produces affordable music and audio headphones in a varied selection to satisfy the style conscious customer. Shakedown by 2XL is a unique headphone set and features super comfort on ear designc headband suspensionc and dynamic acoustic rangec providing the chic music lover with uniqueness at a friendly price. Shakedown is one of 2xl wearing styles and comes in five different colours. Avoid using headphones with the volume turned up for an extended period of time. Doing so can damage your hearing. It is advisable to keep the volume at a moderate level at all times. For your own safetyc please do not use when driving or cycling.

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These headphones sound goodc look good and have a ton of potential...just be careful when buying returned ones via warehouse deals. br brThe description said the packaging was damaged (no biggie as long as the product isnt) so I anticipated that or heckc even a little wear or something but not what appears to be marks where a dog chewed through them. I wish they had not arrived like that as they were for my son for school. Luckily I found a good deal on another set but it is really too darn bad because these look nicec feel nice (if not scratchedc I imagine) and they do sound good. I would return them but they were 8 bucks and I really dont like returning things unless I have to do so. Ill save these for backups and take this inexpensive experience as knowledge in the bank. br brPros: br brSound good brLook nice (when not used as a chew toy) brFit well brGood brand br brCons: brNot the best price new (but guaranteed not to be partially eaten) br brIf you buy these new they should be good and enjoyable. If you buy them after they were returnedc temper expectations.

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