2XL Over-Ear Wrecking Ball Stereo Headphones - Grey/Green

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2XL Over-Ear Wrecking Ball Stereo Headphones - Grey/Green

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Compatible with iPod & iPhone plug type 3.5 mm gold plated max. input power 30 mW

Extra Description

2XL Over-Ear Wrecking Ball Stereo Headphones - Grey/Green

Product Packaging: Standard Packaging 2XL is a lifestyle audio brand dedicated to helping others excel in everything they doc delivering products with meaningful performance and individual style to help stimulate aspirations and dreams. 2XLc a Skullcandy divisionc produces affordable music and audio headphones in a varied selection to satisfy the style conscious customer. WreckingBall�s signature mix of 2XL green and black is the perfect antidote for the status quo. Made for individuals looking to stand out from the pack. Avoid using headphones with the volume turned up for an extended period of time. Doing so can damage your hearing. It is advisable to keep the volume at a moderate level at all times. For your own safetyc please do not use when driving or cycling.

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