2BOOM Powerjam Hi-Def Stereo Headphone Black

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2BOOM Powerjam Hi-Def Stereo Headphone Black

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SOUND EXPERIENCE: 2BOOM Powerjam Hi-Def Stereo Headphone includes comfort fit ear pads and adjustable headband providing great style and professional quality. With a built in 1.5M cable this headphone appeals to a broad range of professionalsc from studio engineers to artistsc to everyday music lovers. BUILT FOR COMFORT: Ergonomic design was built for maximum comfortc while the noise isolation allows you to block out any distractions and listen to your favorite song in any environment. SOUND CLARITY: The full range drivers provide deepc enhanced lowsc while retaining clean mids and crisp highsc satisfying bass addicts and casual listeners alike. MICROPHONE: Take calls on the goc at your desk or in the studio with the hands free inline microphone! TANGLE FREE: Flat wire resists tangling and prevents the hassle of constantly detangling headphone wires.

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2BOOM Powerjam Hi-Def Stereo Headphone Black

Color: Black Bask your ears in sound with 2Booms black HPM490 Power Jam Hi-Def Stereo Headphones! Large drivers envelope your ears to deliver an expansive sound-stage with clarity and precision. The adjustable headband allows for long sessions of comfortable use. Softc leatherette ear cups cradle your ears for all-day comfort while providing a heightened level of passive noise reduction. A long cable lets your find the perfect spot away from your stereoc TV or gaming system for listening!

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Had a pair of these before but the ear parts folded in. These do not but they are of good quality and we ordered 2 pair.

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