256 KB Memory Nintendo 64 NUBY

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256 KB Memory Nintendo 64 NUBY

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Earpiece_Design - Over-the-head Earpiece_Type - Binaural Driver_Size - 1.57 Minimum_Frequency_Response - 6 Hz Maximum_Frequency_Response - 25 kHz

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256 KB Memory Nintendo 64 NUBY

Enjoy incredible audio anywhere with these fashion-forward Sony MDR-ZX600 supra-aural headphones. Legendary Sony audio performance mingles with a hint of color and padded comfort in the ultimate headphones for your activec on-the-go lifestyle. Proven 40mm driver units deliver just the right combo of rigidity and response for balanced audio reproduction time and againc while swivel earcups provide collapsible convenience for easy storage in a backpack or bag. A durablec flat cord looks modern and stylishc plus resists tangles for aggravation-free listening.

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