180s Womens Lush Ear MuffsHeadphone - Black

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180s Womens Lush Ear MuffsHeadphone - Black

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Features of this item include: Fleecec Insulatedc Winter

Extra Description

180s Womens Lush Ear MuffsHeadphone - Black

The Lush ear warmer with stereo headphones feature a super-soft plush fleece shell and liner that looks great and keeps your ears toasty warm. These ear warmers have built in QuantumSound™ headphones that keep your ears warm while listening to music. These High Definition headphones also include a built-in hand free microphone. Patented behind-the-head design fits comfortably over your ears and allows them to be worn with other headwearc glassesc and head protection. Adjustable click-to-fit frames ensure an easyc comfortable fit on a wide variety of head sizes. They also collapse for easy storage in bagc briefcasec or purse. Cord included.

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The ear muff keeps falling off my head. I put it down near my neckc on top of my headc around my head. I doesnt matter. Can hear the music though. I wonder if simple ear buds and an ear muff would be best. The muff does expand and contract though. Just doesnt fit my head. I dont have an unusually large or small head either!

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