14AWG Clear Jacket Compact Speaker Cable – 100ft

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14AWG Clear Jacket Compact Speaker Cable – 100ft

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Extra Description

14AWG Clear Jacket Compact Speaker Cable – 100ft

br14AWG Speaker Wire Cable -100ftbr Specially designedc high purityc low signal loss and enhanced emphasis on the low end for loudc clear and bold audio reproduction. Cmple speaker cables bring you the high qualityc great performance and excellent value you’ve come to expect from us. Perfect for high end speakers. Good for use with banana plugs. brClear PVC outer jacket. brTwo conductor cable w/ clear stripe for matching polarity brCable Type: Loudspeaker cablebrConduit: High PuritybrGauge: 14AWGbrLength: 100 ftbrPVC color: ClearbrDesigned & constructed for improved signal transfer & dynamic range brPolarity markers: Yesc clearbrPackaging: Rolled on Spool w/ PE wrap.brbr

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