10 Google Android Tablet PC 8GB / Android 4.2 / 1GB DDR3 Ram / 10-Point Capacitive Touch Screen / Cortex A9 Processor / Dual Camera / FastTouch(TM)

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10 Google Android Tablet PC 8GB / Android 4.2 / 1GB DDR3 Ram / 10-Point Capacitive Touch Screen / Cortex A9 Processor / Dual Camera / FastTouch(TM)

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10 Inch Boxchipc DDR1G 8GB with a Nice 10 Point Touch LCD Screen 1024600 Dual Cameras AllWinner A20 Dual-Corec ARM Cortex A7 1.5Ghzc Google Android 4.2c With Built In Blue-toothc G-Sensor Built In WiFic Pre-installed Apps Such As YouTubec Facebookc Twitterc Angry Birdsc NetFlixc iReaderc Google Play Store and many more... FastTouch(TM) Branded Tabletc Comes with a 30 Day Full Money Back and a 1 Year Warranty. › See more product details

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10 Google Android Tablet PC 8GB / Android 4.2 / 1GB DDR3 Ram / 10-Point Capacitive Touch Screen / Cortex A9 Processor / Dual Camera / FastTouch(TM)

Brilliant Performance Equipped with a Quad-Core 4x1.2GHz CPUc this tablet ensures everything running smoothly. Enjoy yourself with stream videosc smooth-flowing gamingc web surfing and more! Newest Android 4.2 The newly released system enables faster multitaskingc optimizes user interface with more convenience and simplify and offers many new features such as emojic voice searchc open or save files on Google Drive etc. More surprises waiting for you! Great Connectivity Integrated Bluetooth simplifies connection to other enabled devicesc such as keyboardsc speakersc etc. While 802.11 b/g/n WiFi keep you connected to hotspots whenever and wherever. Hard Back Cover with Anti-scratch UV Coating The multiple UV layers coated design provides not only 3D seamless textures but also the long lasting and anti-scratch features. Specification: Operating System: Google Android 4.2 10.1 Multi-touch Screen HD 1024x600 AllWinner A31 Quad Core 4x1.2GHz CPU Total 8GB Storagec 1GB RAM 2MP Rear Camera; 0.3MP Front Camera Wireless N (802.11b/g/n) G-sensor: Four Ways Input/Output Ports: 1 x Micro USBc 1 x USB Hostc 1 x Mini HDMIc 1 x DC Portc 1 x Earphone Jackc 1 x Micro SD Card Slot Dimensions: 10.6 x 6.7 x 0.4 inches Weight: 1.2 pounds Whats in the box 1 x FastTouch(TM) Tablet Device 1 x US Power Adapter 1 x USB Cable 1 x OTG Wire 1 x User Manual

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Like many other people I was looking for a tablet that wasnt going to cost a small fortune and Im very happy I chose this one. I have an Android phone so I really wanted an Android Tablet. I wanted to be able to swap memory cards and do a lot of things you cant do on the super expensive iPad. If youve owned an Android you can pretty much turn this on and start using it. Looks very similarc functions and settings are almost exactly the samec very user friendly and easy to figure out. After the suggested charging I turned it on and started loading my appsc very easy. The speed for the price surprised me as well. I guess for less than 200$ my expectations were lowc but this exceeded what I would expect from a more expensive tablet. Alsoc it does come with everything you need. Simple directionsc charging cablec 2 extra cablesc screen coverc stylusc all you need to get started and plug into anything. I purchased an additional memory card for the extra space and a keyboard which is incrediblec its like using a lap topc and the case holds the screen at the perfect angle for maximum performance. Of course the keyboard is smaller than usualc but still a very good size and very effective. I highly recommend getting the few little extrasc especially since the tablet itself is so reasonably priced. One silly thingc a few apps I use on my phone arent compatiblec but shopping apps arent that important. You can still go to the full website and the screen is way big enough that its more than fine. As a whole I am extremely happy with my purchasec no complaints. This would probably be great for older peoplec kidsc first tablet ownersc great price and easy to learn. I have simple needs as far as a tablet but it looks like this is capable of a heck of a lot more than I use it for!

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