10.1 NuVision Duo 10 - Intel 2-in-1 Detached Windows 10 Tablet - 32GB

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10.1 NuVision Duo 10 - Intel 2-in-1 Detached Windows 10 Tablet - 32GB

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10.1 NuVision Duo 10 - Intel 2-in-1 Detached Windows 10 Tablet - 32GB

The NuVision Duo 10 features a 10.1 diagonalc high-definition IPS screen with a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution for an incredibly bright and sharp display. Its powered by and Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor with speeds up to 1.84GHz. Plusc the Duo 10 is equipped with 2MB DDR RAM for snappy application performance and web browsing. This versatile tablet features a 2MP front camera and a 5MP rear camerac allowing you to take vividc clear pictures and share them on your social network via Wi-Fi. 32GB of storage will hold volumes of your favorite musicc videosc and apps. Duo 10 also has an integrated keyboard that connects magnetically to provide easy data entry. Fold the keyboard closed and it serves as a protective cover for your tablet screen. Snap the keyboard off and you have a lightweightc portable tablet.

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For the pricec it allows me to have a pen with multiple pressure points for drawing and inking. The hardware on this hybrid is not cutting edge and can be slow with some softwarec but it is fine for note takingc quick sketchingc and basic internet use such as e-mails and browsing. For more moneyc you can get a better pen-enabled tablet. For less money you could get a chromebook. This is a decent compromise that meets my portability and fabrication needs. brPros: Decent battery powered pen. Low cost. Portable. Windows 10. Fingerprint scanner works well. USB ports on removable keyboard. USB C port on tablet. brCons: Mousepad super sensitive. Slow processing speed. No pen storage. Hard to open memory card slot (I would prefer a spring release or at least a door that I dont need a knife open).

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