10.1 EPIK Ultra Slim Laptop

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10.1 EPIK Ultra Slim Laptop

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10.1” HD Display 32GB Storage Intel Quad Core Processor Windows 10 Front Webcam

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10.1 EPIK Ultra Slim Laptop

Color: Blue The 10.1” EPIK Ultra Slim Laptop is a multi-purpose device that is perfect for the whole family. It’s a great tool for young learners to study and do homeworkc and it’s also a great workstation for parents and professionals to type documentsc check emailc and more. See everything clearly on a 10.1” 1024 x 600 HD display! Each laptop runs Windows 10 with built-in WiFi. Available in bluec pinkc and black.

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This laptop has a very poor keyboard and doesnt always register the keys that are pressed. I could live with that but the thing that caused me to return this product was that the wireless connection was either poor or nonexistent. Using the ping command to get to google.com returned response times of sometimes greater than 2000 ms. Using ping to connect to my own router also caused low response rates and sometimes it claimed that the network destination was unreachable. Im rather network savvy and I cringe to think of what experience a less experienced user might have with this laptop. br brThere is nothing wrong with the network connection in our homec and I can only assume that the computer itself is at fault. All other computing devices are using our wireless network without problems.

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