1 - Mini Bluetooth speakerc Pink

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1 - Mini Bluetooth speakerc Pink

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1 - Mini Bluetooth speakerc Pink

The Bluetooth Speaker from EnerPlex is the perfect device to help make sure you never go anywhere without your music. The Portable Speaker is easy to stuff into a bag or pursec but when you’re ready to listenc the speaker amplifies tunes from your smartphone or MP3 Player for 3-5 hours of playing time via Bluetooth connection. Compatible with any device that is Bluetooth enabled.Recharge by USBc SolarRecharge Time: 2 HoursRun Time: 3-5 HoursSpecs: 50mm (1.97â€) x 50mm (1.97†) x 52mm (2.05 )c 99.8g (0.22 lbs.)Input: Micro-USBCharge Time: AC/USB- 2 hoursc Kickr IV- 2 hourscKickr II- 4 hoursc Packr- 4 hoursc Kickr I- 8 hoursbrMini Bluetooth speakerc Pink; EnerPlex; Audio Electronics; Bluetooth Speaker

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I purchased this little speaker at Frys for $5c not amazon. This little speaker is crazy! It has great sound and was very easy to pair with my phone. It has the same charger as my phone as well which is very convenient. I walked a good 30 feet away from it and it was still connected properly. I underestimated this little speaker!

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